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Product description

Product parameters

Product features

Dredging Rubber Hose

1.ID: 4''-36'' 
2.WP: 5-20Bar 
3.Working Temperature: -20
 to +80 

4.Used for offshore dredging industry .

dredge hose , up to 36" dredge hose

In accordance with ASTM D2000-96 with ANSI flange

The structure of dredging hose


1. The inner rubber liner is composed of wear-proof natural rubber and synthetic rubber


2. The reinforcement layer is composed of high strength rubber dipped chemical fiber and reinforced by spiral metal wire.


3. The rubber cover is composed of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.


4. The surface of the hose takes the shape of corrugated


 Dredging Hose 
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We had produced 

1. 800mm X 9m X 1.3 MPa Dredge Slurry Hose 
2. 508mm X 1.5m X 1.0 MPa Dredge Slurry Hose 
3. 558mm X 1m X 0.68 MPa Dredge Slurry Hose 
4. 510mm X 4m X 1.5 MPa Dredge Hose (For coal powder transport)

5. 700mm X 1.8m X2.5MPa Dredge Mud Hose

Working pressure: 0.5MPa-2.4MPa

Inside Diameter: 4 "- 36"

Length: 1.2 to 15meters

Working Temperature:-20 to +80

Dredging Hose
Further information, please feel free to contact us.