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HDPE Gas Pipe

PE resin, which is composed of vinyl monomer polymerization, due to the aggregation due to different polymerization conditions such as pressure, temperature, can give different density of resin, thus has high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. In the process of processing different types of PE pipes, according to the different application conditions, the resin plate number is selected, and the requirements of the extruder and the die are different. PE gas pipe execution standard: GB 15558.1-2015.

The gas tube must be under certain pressure, usually choose the PE resin with high molecular weight and good mechanical properties, such as HDPE resin. HDPE resin has low tensile strength, poor pressure tolerance, rigid difference, poor dimensional stability during molding, and difficulty in connection with water pressure pipe. However, due to its high hygienic indexes, LDPE, especially LLDPE resin has become the common material of gas pipe. LDPE and LLDPE resin have small melt viscosity, good fluidity and easy to process. Therefore, the selection range of melt index is also wider, usually between 0.3-3g/ 10min.



Product Specifications:
Product Name: HDPE gas pipe
Diameter: 20mm – 630mm
Standard: GB/T15558.1-2003, ISO4437, ASTM F714, AS/NZS4130:2009, DIN8074
Materials: PE100, PE80
Color: Solid Black with orange-line. Further color options are available on request.
Fittings offered: Elbows, Tees, Couplings, Reducers, End caps, Flanges.


Features of HDPE gas pipes:

•  Corrosion Resistance

•  Fatigue Resistance

•  Extended Service Life
Connection ofHDPE gas pipes:

•   Electrofusion

•   Butt Welding

•   Metal to Plastic Conversion

HDPE Gas Pipe