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Product description

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Socket 90°Elbow

Material: PE100 with high quality
Type: Elbow
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Kunfeng
Connection: Welding
Connection ways: socket fusion


Procucts advantage:
1.Interface is stable and reliable.
2.Excellent low temputer impact resistance.
3.Excellent chemical corrosive resistance.
4.Long life with excellent abrasive resistance.
5.Easy bend, reduce the cost of installation.
6.Small flow resistance
Products features:
1.Available from sizes of 20mm up to sizes of 630mm
2.Customization of fitting according to requirement of client regardless of sizes, angle and shape
3.Available in either PE80 or PE100 material
4.Suitable for water, gas & sewer application
5.Group of well experience engineer welders to fabricate HDPE fitting

Socket Elbow
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