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Pipe Floater

Dredge Floats are widely used for supporting dredge pipes/hoses.
The dredge pipe floats are manufactured in a bright color to act as warning signs to other vessels in the vicinity.
Dredge floats are also manufactured in a way that will allow them to absorb the energy from vessel collision,
to protect the pipelines that they are supporting.
Double reinforced hardware on every float ensures a safe and secure connection to the pipe.

1. It improves the service life of pipeline substantially.

2. It has ultrahigh shock resistance.  It has the best impact toughness value in existing engineering plastics.

3. It has good property of corrosion resistance. It can preventing eroding from chemicals.
It can withstand hydrochloric acid with less than 80% concentration

4. It has good property of self lubricity. Frictional factor is very small. Its surface is non-cohesive and non-scaling.

Its selflubrication is better than steel or brass with oil.It cant form dirt in the medium with PH value of 9 or above.

5. It has very good property of low temperature resistance .It can be used in the - 50°C to -80°C.

6. It has very good property of cracking-resistance.It has best property of environmental stress resistance.
Environmental stress cracking resistance is above 4000h (above 2 times of PE100).

7. Installation is simple. Specific gravity is 1/8 of steel pipe.It is much safer, easier. It is antiseptic and save labor.

Dredge Float
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